(30) Success: Forgiveness – key to transformation

Hieronder nog een (korte) aflevering over SUCCES.

Deze serie is een mengsel van Engelstalige en Nederlandstalige stukken.

Sommige onderwerpen lenen zich nu eenmaal beter voor de ene taal.


Statement: for-give-ness

Question: who is giving to whom?

Statement: painful = pay-in-full

Question: is it worth the pain?

Many of us BELIEVE in the power of living in the here-and-now.
Most of us experience that it’s easier said than done.
The Mind is a powerful source of distractions to the past or the future.

Forgiving others and ourselves for past actions is a GREAT way to let go of the past.
Forgiving ourselves for any JUDGMENTS we may have about ourselves or the others – and the actions that took place – is an even more significant step.

“I forgive myself for… [something I did or felt]”
“I forgive [someone’s name/the government] for… [something you think happened, caused by the other]”

Hannah Arendt says:

Forgiveness is the key to action and freedom.

Take the next step:

“I forgive myself for judging myself for… [whatever happened]”
“I forgive myself for judging [the other] for… [whatever happened]”

Consider finally: something that happens today may APPEAR negative.
But in two or five or ten years you may look back and see what a blessing it was… IF you even remember the incident.
Forgive AND forget = a new interpretation of the principle of ‘let go’.

This gentle reminder (to you AND to me!) comes with sunny wishes of light, love and laughter from…





Tot ziens over een maand – dezelfde tijd, dezelfde plaats! – voor nog een aflevering!
I’ll be back next month – same time, same place! – with more.


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