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At short notice and with his own, specific style, David helped me to take the next step on the executive ladder. With enthusiasm, fun and real personal interest, he helped me to look differently at myself, how I (should) act in my business environment and, by getting closer to my authentic self, achieve much more with less energy.
Great experience and help!
Jorik A.

Much, much more than presentation!
You will gain a solid foundation in the all-round organisation, preparation, delivery and follow up required for a successful presentation or workshop… and some useful life lessons too.
David inspires you to authentically develop your own style around both standard methods of presentation and communication, and his original tried and tested format.
David’s deep experience is evident as he spontaneously draws on a wealth of experience and theory to provide tailored input to your experience level, context and above all character.
A rare pleasure to receive training which gives you what you need to know fast and effectively with no compromise on fun.
Doron R.

From being afraid to taking action, from having to to wanting to, from aimlessness to precision and perfection, from zombie to tasting, smelling, seeing, experiencing, promotion, success and better relationships.
Edwin G.

I found it to be one of the most meaningful training sessions I have had – it is more than just presentation skills that David Bloch teaches – it’s a way of life – it’s about building up your confidence and showing it! – it’s about understanding the significance of perception and reality and learning how to deal with the confusion!
I am shifted by the process and feel it has changed my insight into a lot of things I thought I knew about myself.
Tony W.

I found the two-day training session invaluable for building my self-confidence – showing it (!), improving my presentation skills and approaching presentations from a radically different and refreshing manner. A view shared by many of my fellow cohorts on the course.
Ramadurai K.

I had to rewrite the whole presentation into narrative, starting with the introduction by the sponsor, giving anecdotes from my own professional experience and asking them questions all the time, and ending with the 5 sentences as you taught us.
… I was determined not to use PowerPoint… although my team was very concerned about me and our professional reputation without written evidence and multimedia support.
… I had to improvise but I had a good beginning and a good ending! And the additional content would come.
… It was my first attempt without PowerPoint because the point of power is in ourselves…
Nevena T.

I would like to thank you once again for the great opportunity to meet [you] and to participate in the seminar. I have to admit that I have not been in a such entertaining and inspiring seminar until now. I only regret it was so short – just a day – but it will be so memorable for me!
Yavor G.

David Bloch re-defines the term ‘quality’ with regard to presentations. He exudes and gives energy and inspiration.
Bert K.

Our paths have crossed 3 times and every time I was impressed by David’s presence and his way of getting his message across. David taught me how to present in a natural, relaxed and personal manner, as well as interactively with my listeners. Also, he taught me very simple, but equally effective ways of communicating. This has all been useful throughout my career, and still is. Thanks, David!
Jan Karel B.

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