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Myth 25 (E)

Myth 25: When you say ‘etcetera’ and ‘and so on and so forth’, everybody knows what you’re talking about

In the story ‘The King and I’ the King of Siam is renowned for his frequent use of the expression ‘etcetera, etcetera, etcetera’. Anna is the English teacher who is instructed, for example, to write a letter to Queen Victoria. The King dictates a few words, half of which are ‘etcetera’! Anna protests at how […]

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Beslissing {kl)

Decisions, decisions!

Are you one of those who have difficulty in taking decisions? There are many like you! There are also many who are openly proud of their skill in this area, particularly in business. Yet there is another path for both groups that provides a surprising solution – maybe even for ‘everybody’! Acceptable topic These days […]

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Adrenal (kl)

‘Adrenal Fatigue’ by James L. Wilson

Imagine: you feel tired, you’re constantly tired and you drag yourself through the day (with the help of caffeine). Your nights are broken and soundest sleep is between about 7 and 9 a.m. You have odd pains everywhere in your body (you may already have been told by a doctor that you have ‘fibromyalgia’, which […]

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Boredom (kl)

Myth 20: You’re boring when you tell things your listeners already know

You’ll probably agree that it would rather strange to come away from a presentation without having learned anything new. Strange? Or does it happen every now and again? Let’s look more closer at what ‘boring’ means in this context. What makes a presentation ‘boring’, and what are the listeners’ needs? Two needs First of all […]

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Handen (kl)

Velcro elbows: the new standard in presenting

Imagine that you stick a strip of Velcro on the inside of your upper arm, from your armpit to your elbow, with the matching strip on the side of your chest. You then close your arms against your chest. An increasing number of speakers adopt this dysfunctional gesture. Oh, and before I forget, remember to […]

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