Presentation – ‘Change management’

Change = stress

It’s all about an individual’s ability Impressionto cope with change.
Many people are willing to change and grow, but certainly do not want to be changed.
So the challenge is how to deal with external changes in a business environment.
And one thing is certain: all change leads to levels of stress.

Subjects such as…

  • fear
  • adrenalin
  • how the body reacts to external factors (stress)…

… are therefore part of this programme.
Even the stress of having to give a presentation – prepared or spontaneous – to a group is a perfect and useful example we can work with.

‘Different strokes for different folks’

The different types of people is an interesting part of this topic. After all, there are those who resist change, while others relish innovation.
Valuable insights are opportunities for self-reflection and exploration of resistance to accepting what is.

If you want stress, argue with reality.
Byron Katie

This presentation is also available as a workshop, team-building process and as a two-day training for smaller groups.

'Stress overwinnen' door David BlochMy book in Dutch about coping with stress is just one of the many publications that express my experience and expertise on this subject.

Read more about stress and stress-related subjects on David’s HealthCheck >>>


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