Presentation – assertiveness

Stand up for yourself!

For many people, this topic of assertiveness – crucial for a healthy, balanced life – is extremely challenging.Assertiveness 1
It’s a confrontation with years of conditioning and social programming.

At the same time, it plays a vital part in the process of becoming more aware.
It’s about becoming more conscious of the choices we all have but which many have been trained to ignore or have just lost sight of.


During the presentation it will become clear how important it is to draw boundaries, to be consistent in respecting them and to learn to say ‘no’ clearly and unambiguously.

The difference between assertiveness and agression is simple: saying ‘no’ with emotion is agressive, without emotion is assertive.

Very often participants discover the extent to which they have let others cross their boundaries, invade their territory, physically and emotionally.
And it keeps happening. As if they are powerless to change the situation.
They become aware of how their body language incongruent is. And how difficult, painful, even impossible for them it is to say ‘no’ and take care of their needs.

Two needs

Participants learn about the two basic needs which determine how people function.
And how ‘parts’ of the Mind, of the personality, continue to run their lives.

Solutions are provided, but with this rider:

There’s no quick fix!

This topic is an excellent theme for all sorts of group activities where team-building is an issue.


Assertief verkopenNumerous articles, as well as my book (left) in Dutch, indicate my experience and expertise on this subject.

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