Decisions, decisions!

Are you one of those who have difficulty in taking decisions? There are many like you!
There are also many who are openly proud of their skill in this area, particularly in business.
Yet there is another path for both groups that provides a surprising solution – maybe even for ‘everybody’!

Acceptable topic

These days there’s more openness about subjects like spirituality, so that the concept of the path from ‘head to heart’ has become relatively well known.

Real limitation

When you take a decision or make a choice you’re using your intellect. You select among a number of alternatives using the information that’s available. Or, rather, the information that is available to you at that moment.
Ask yourself and ask those around you: have you ever taken a decision based on complete information?
You probably know already that the answer is ‘no’. You take a decision with the information available at that moment.
And the next day, with new data, you might take a different decision.
That is the limitation of the head.
There is another way.

The choiceless choice I

This is literally the choice without choice. This clear expression describes the choice or decision that simply has no valid alternative.
Certainly, you can always ignore the path that’s indicated, but you’ll always regret it later.
This is the path of the intuition, the inner voice that so many people choose to ignore or are simply too busy ‘between the ears’ that they cannot hear the voice.

The heart: receiverHeart

The head can only access a limited amount of knowledge and data. Put another way, everything you know is guaranteed less, much less, than what is available in The Universe (God, Source, Life, Existence).
The Universe communicates with you through the heart, not through the head.
What you receive – and you can be sure you are receiving all the time! – first makes its presence felt in the area of the heart. It then makes its way to your awareness through words, pictures and/or feelings that you register or notice in your head. If you’re willing and open to listen.

Blame Descartes

Our Western cultures are still suffering from the inheritance of the French philosopher, René Descartes (1596-1650) who proposed a ‘truth’: Cogito ergo sum (I think, therefore I am). Everything must be logically thought out and explained.
Luckily you’re now living in a different age where there’s more acceptance of intuition and less need to explain oneself, which makes decision-making a lot easier.

The choiceless choice II

Imagine you’re sitting in a restaurant considering what you’d like to eat. You weigh up a possible selection in your mind, you try to choose. You take into account what you had yesterday or last week, you count the calories, you consider all sorts of implications. All the while, however, your body is quite clear about which food it needs and therefore which of the available dishes is most suitable. But do you listen? In the end, do you order body food or mind food?
If you take the path of body food, the right choice will present itself. Effortlessly. You just know without having to think about it what your body needs. You listen, you obey, you place your order and then eat the right food that nourishes you.


Although this word has a certain negative social connotation it is, in its purest form, the key to the choiceless choice.
You genuinely listen to, trust and obey the inner voice of intuition, the voice that is always right.

Farewell to doubt

It is only in your head, through your thinking, that doubt can arise. In the heart there is always clarity and certainty; the heart knows the path that is right for you. In other words, at moments when you notice that you’re in doubt, be assured you’re thinking instead of feeling.
Listen to the heart and you’ll no longer have any doubts about your right way.

Experience - Oscar Wilde

A just life

There are many lessons on the path to a long, healthy and happy life of joy and love.
Maybe this is one of the most important lessons: listening to, respecting, accepting and resting in the inner wisdom.
It’s up to you!

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