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Laserpen (kl)

Myth 21: A laser pen is one of the best ways of indicating what you’re talking about

Maybe you know those individuals – maybe you’re one yourself! – who just have to have anything and everything that’s new, innovative and revolutionary. They’re the ones who first bought CDs when they still cost a fortune, they’re the ones who bought the first tablets when they came out, and they bought the first clumsy […]

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Boredom (kl)

Myth 20: You’re boring when you tell things your listeners already know

You’ll probably agree that it would rather strange to come away from a presentation without having learned anything new. Strange? Or does it happen every now and again? Let’s look more closer at what ‘boring’ means in this context. What makes a presentation ‘boring’, and what are the listeners’ needs? Two needs First of all […]

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