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Myth 25 (E)

Myth 25: When you say ‘etcetera’ and ‘and so on and so forth’, everybody knows what you’re talking about

In the story ‘The King and I’ the King of Siam is renowned for his frequent use of the expression ‘etcetera, etcetera, etcetera’. Anna is the English teacher who is instructed, for example, to write a letter to Queen Victoria. The King dictates a few words, half of which are ‘etcetera’! Anna protests at how […]

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Laserpen (kl)

Myth 21: A laser pen is one of the best ways of indicating what you’re talking about

Maybe you know those individuals – maybe you’re one yourself! – who just have to have anything and everything that’s new, innovative and revolutionary. They’re the ones who first bought CDs when they still cost a fortune, they’re the ones who bought the first tablets when they came out, and they bought the first clumsy […]

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Boredom (kl)

Myth 20: You’re boring when you tell things your listeners already know

You’ll probably agree that it would rather strange to come away from a presentation without having learned anything new. Strange? Or does it happen every now and again? Let’s look more closer at what ‘boring’ means in this context. What makes a presentation ‘boring’, and what are the listeners’ needs? Two needs First of all […]

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