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In keeping with market demands, more and more articlesArticles 1 are becoming available in English. Here are just three examples.

  • 5 essentials
    This is a sample text used to support specific trainings and seminars. It provides a broad view of the different paradigm of communicating and presenting, as represented by Perfect Presentation.
  • Exhibit yourself!
    This article, focussing on the ins and outs of Trade Shows, is one of several to appear in the international journal for the contact lens industry.
  • Break the presentation barrier!
    Start making a difference. Set yourself apart from other speakers. Just by stopping with presentation software and discovering different and more powerful visual aids.


Osho News (where I write under the name Kaiyum) is just one of a number of platforms where I publish a broad range of (mostly English-language) articles.
My Blog frequently contains items in English, but is primarily focussed on the Dutch market.


Apart from downloading, reading and applying these articles, you can always get in touch to see if I have a supporting text on a specific topic.

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