eLearning Programme – ‘Presenting: easier than you think’


Dit krachtige programma over presenteren helpt u om…

  • een effectieve spreker en presentator te worden
  • meer invloed te krijgen
  • u vooral te onderscheiden van andere sprekers zodat u meer aandacht krijgt.


Presenting: easier than you think

  • meer dan 3 uur korte video’s
  • tientallen ondersteunende opdrachten om uw vaardigheid te toetsen
  • additionele artikelen en informatie om uw presentatiebuwustzijn te vergroten
  • log in wanneer u wilt en tijd heeft
  • leer op uw gemak, wanneer en waar u dat wilt
  • en, zoals alle ‘goede’ presentaties betaamt, is dit ‘leren op afstand’-programma fun!

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Presenting: easier that you think

A must for anyone wanting to learn the art of presenting!

This course is a complete package of videos, articles, exercises and examples that will show you in detail how to make a professional presentation.

David Bloch guides you safely through the information and demonstrates the theory with examples and exercises. An excellent way of learning to present. If you are looking to improve your presentation skills, this is it!

Personally I like the combination of theory and reflection, which is highly effective; it takes me into the topic and helps me work with it on my own. For example, the importance of considering how to package the content.

I learnt how to structure a presentation, from beginning to end. I became aware of how to use invitations effectively, communicate with listeners, how to begin (visualizing the end and the state of both myself and the listeners), choose content and how to end a presentation.

Through articles I got further details on when and how to use verbal and nonverbal language, awareness of gestures and specific words to avoid.

I am an experienced teacher and used to talk to groups. Still I find a lot of gems for improving my presentation skills. I specially value the module on how to use metaphors, stories and quotes to bring a point across, and the importance of keeping it simple to deliver a point.

With this programme you learn all the essentials in presenting from a-z, in a step-by-step process, with simple modules, full of powerful and useful instructions.

You have the complete toolbox for presenting in your hands. You can review either the whole programme or pieces that you feel drawn to repeat, and thereby keep refining your presentation skills.

Rodrigo Ríos

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