(33) Success: use your mind-power!

Hieronder nog een (korte) aflevering over SUCCES.
Deze serie is een mengsel van Engelstalige en Nederlandstalige stukken.
Sommige onderwerpen lenen zich nu eenmaal beter voor de ene taal.


You have a RIGHT to be rich!

An important extract from Your Right To Be Rich by Napoleon Hill
Premise #7: Brain as Thought TransmitterYour Right to be Rich

Your mind is sending out vibrations constantly. If you’re a salesman and you’re going to call on a prospective buyer, the sale ought to be made before you ever come into the presence of the buyer. If you’re going to do anything requiring the cooperation of other people, condition your mind so that you know hat the other fellow’s going to cooperate.
Because the plan that you’re going to offer is so fair, honest, and beneficial to him that he can’t refuse it. In other words, you have a right to his cooperation. What a change there will be in people when you come sending out positive thoughts instead of thoughts of fear over this broadcasting station of yours.

Every brain is a broadcasting station and a receiving set and you can attune that brains so that it’ll attract the positive vibrations released by other people.
This is the point I’m coming to and I want you to get. There are myriad vibrations floating out there constantly. You can train your own mind to pick up, and to attract, only the vibrations that are related to what you want most in life.
How do you do that? You keep your mind on what you want most in life – your definite major purpose – so that, by repetition, by thought, and by action, the brain will eventually only identify vibrations related to your definite purpose.
What a marvelous thought.
You can educate your brains so that it will absolutely refuse to pick up any vibrations except those related to what you want. When you get your brain under control like that, you will be on the path – really and truly on the beam.


Tot ziens over een maand – dezelfde tijd, dezelfde plaats! – voor nog een aflevering!
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