(31) Success: food for thought

Hieronder nog een (korte) aflevering over SUCCES.

Deze serie is een mengsel van Engelstalige en Nederlandstalige stukken.

Sommige onderwerpen lenen zich nu eenmaal beter voor de ene taal.


There’s an old English saying which may have its equivalent in your native language:

One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

So here is some more food for thought around your body, food and the energy you need to pursue your success.

Some individuals can easily skip breakfast, manage with lots of coffee and even miss lunch… yet can enjoy a huge high-protein meal late in the evening. Preferably with (plenty of) alcohol.

Some of you reading this know people like these, yet know equally well that your day is a disaster if you miss breakfast.
A late dinner doesn’t work too well for you, either.Food for thought (2)

Do you notice that you get drowsy after a meal?

Have you ever noticed that you get a headache or begin sneezing within 1-2 hours of eating?

The three processes in your body that use the most energy are:

  • having sex
  • thinking
  • digesting food

Food should GIVE you energy, NOT take it away.

Making connections between WHAT you eat, WHEN you eat it and HOW you feel is part of caring for the body that will support you on your path of success.

Learning what body type you are, what you can best eat and when  that’s all part of the process.

[To be continued…]

Tot ziens over een maand – dezelfde tijd, dezelfde plaats! – voor nog een aflevering!
I’ll be back next month – same time, same place! – with more.

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