(26) Success: New Year reminder

Hieronder nog een (korte) aflevering over SUCCES.
Deze serie is een mengsel van Engelstalige en Nederlandstalige stukken.
Sommige onderwerpen lenen zich nu eenmaal beter voor de ene taal.


Walt Disney once said:

If you can dream it, you can make it.

And look at the empire he dreamed of and created!

To help you with YOUR dreams and plans for this year, here’s a reminder of how the creative process works.
It’s in the form of a quotation from a short story in the collection A gift of wings by Richard Bach – especially well known for his books Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions – both essential reading!

This extract comes from the short story called Why you need an airplane… and how to get it.

One flyer decided to buy an airplane at a moment when his total bank account was less than 10 dollars. He decided that he would one day own a classic little 1946 Piper Cub; fabric-covered, high-wing, two-seat simple light tailwheel airplane. Cub prices ranged from eight hundred to twenty-two hundred dollars. He held the airplane in his thought, watched it there often and affectionately.
He spent ninety-eight cents for a stick-and-paper model of the airplane (it came to $1.01 with tax), which he built in two evenings and hung from a string from the ceiling. It had entered his life in miniature, where it turned this way and that in every light breeze.
He read Trade-A-Plane, he spent weekends at airports, he talked about Cubs with mechanics and pilots, he looked at Cubs, he touched Cubs. The model turned in the air. Then the strangest thing happened.
A friend of his had been given five hundred dollars to rent an airplane for company business, and mentioned it to the flyer. Knowing from his weekends a thousand-dollar Cub for sale, the flyer borrowed five hundred dollars from one friend, joined it with the five hundred dollars rental of the other, bought the Cub, and loaned it till the company business was done. Business finished, debt eventually repaid, he is now the owner of a full-size, flying, 1946 Piper Cub. As well as a tiny Cub that still hangs from his ceiling.

So, what are your dreams for this year?
Make them happen in 2016!


Tot ziens over een maand – dezelfde tijd, dezelfde plaats! – voor nog een aflevering!
I’ll be back next month – same time, same place! – with more.

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